Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Votes Are In - DeWitt Wins

Photo by Aaron Turner, The Daily Helmsman
Presidential Candidates Hunter Lang (front left) and Tyler DeWitt (back left) wait anxiously for the 2011 election results.

Tyler DeWitt (US)
Vice President
Rachel Goodwin (US)
College Senator for Arts and Sciences:
Victoria Busse (US)
Ben Giannini (FACE)
Cynthia Gamboa (FACE)
Jordan Wells (FACE)
Alex Roubidoux (FACE)
College Senator for Business and Economics:
Andrew Smith (US)
Joseph Casey (US)
James Flynn (US)
Courtney Clark (FACE)
College Senator for Communication and Fine Arts:
Alexandria Carter (FACE)
Elease Benson (FACE)
College Senator for Education:
Stacie Rose (US)
Michelle Neal (FACE)
College Senator for Engineering:
Cody Fernandez (US)
College Senator for School of Nursing:
Nicole Jones (US)
College Senator for University College:
Brittney Downs (US)
Sarah Noor (FACE)
Senators at Large:
Matt Coker (US)
Erica Peoples (US)
Emily Gianella (US)
Aaron Blackstone (US)
Jade Anderson (US)
Hunter Dawson (FACE)
Erica Chambers (FACE)
John Stevenson (US)
Gurshan Bansal (US)
Nuria Espin (US)
J.C. Griggs (FACE)
Caray Oldham (US)
Chris Taylor (US)
Kaylee Willis (US)
Elizabeth Stewart (US)
LaDarius Millen (FACE)
Katy Murphy (FACE)
Riccardo Hicks (FACE)

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